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[OOC: This takes place a few weeks before Rat-Catcher and is from before Tybalt was a king. He is Rand, a prince of cats, instead and the year is 1666.]

I shift to my human form once I am clear of the chimney that leads from the Court of Fogbound Cats and pause to drink in the sights of mortal London. The moon is near full and hangs warm and grand above the Tower of London. The smoke of cooking fires spice the air with temptation and the voices of the humans drift in its melodic cacophony. A wicked smile threatens my lips as I casually duck to avoid my sister, Coleen, and her clumsy attack.

"Tsk, tsk," I chide as she barely catches herself from falling off the roof. "It would not do to break your neck where the mortals might see."

Too late, I see her own wicked smile and realize she was a distraction, though a poorly executed one. I feel the weight on my other sister, Jill, land on my back, driving me face first to the clay tiles of the roof below. I twist at the last moment, spinning about so that she instead is the one to hit the roof and lose her breath.

"Nicely done," I admit, once she stops struggling. I offer my hand to assist her to her feet before adding, "But not quite good enough."

"Where do you think you go, brother?" Coleen asks behind me and I tense in case she wishes to test me again.

"To the theater, where else?"

"Father will be displeased if you are not in attendance when he wishes to find you."

"True, but you will know where to fetch me. The Duke Company is beginning a new production. I would not miss it."

"I will not change the bedclothes for you again brother. You must stay!" Jill near mews.

"The King will ignore me as ever, dear sisters. He thinks me a fool after all."

"You are a fool if you go!" Both my sisters reply.

"And fortune favors the fool, does she not?"
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