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Location:San Francisco, California, United States of America
Canon note: Tybalt will be coming to Milliways first from the time of the two short stories, Rat-Catcher and Forbid the Sea. Thus he will first identify himself as Rand, which is the name he used before he became a king. I will update this as to which book he is coming from when he moves to modern times.

Tybault is cait sidhe and king of the Kingdom of Dreaming Cats, what the humans call San Francisco and what other fae call the Kingdom of the Mists. Unless a glamor is mentioned within the narrative, it can be assumed he has banded, malachite-green eyes with a cat's slitted pupil, pointed ears, enlarged incisors, and medium dark brown hair with black, tabby cat stripes. He stands nearly six feet and has a build similar to that of a ballet dancer. He is a shapeshifter, being able to take a humanoid or cat form. His can shift elements of his cat form to his humanoid and thus from large fangs or claws as needed.

In his cat form he is a large, gray tabby with the same malachite-green eyes and one torn ear.

Tybalt can also speak with and understand cats in either his human or cat form. When in his cat form, I will be using brackets to show he is speaking cat; i.e. [good hunting]. He cannot speak human words while he is in cat form, but he can still understand them.

Of note for those cats within Milliways: While the cats of Tybalt's world will see him as a king and act accordingly, I do not expect any cat within Milliways to do the same and neither will he. Milliways is its own realm and not his.

He has a talent for illusions, though not as great as other fae species, and the ability to travel the shadowroads; i.e he can teleport from one shadow to another. In the off chance that he ever takes anyone else on the roads, they are freezing and require those who are not cait sidhe to hold their breath. Jumps can be as short as a few feet or as distance as ten to fifteen miles. Taking longer jumps while taking another along can be exhausting or even deadly for Tybalt. Time does pass while on the shadowroads, i.e. the jumps are not instantaneous.

Any time he uses his magic, the scents of pennyroyal and musk may be noticed. For those with senses greater than the human norm, he will likely smell of those scents anytime, unless he is hunting and taking appropriate measures, ie. using magic to hide his scent.

Tybalt is also preternaturally strong and fast. He once held a retired warrior in the air with one hand while expressing his immense displeasure at the man's actions. He can also grow claws and enlarge his fangs. Killing him can prove very challenging as well. Well, maybe not the killing but the making it stick. The old adage of cats having nine lives stems from the royalty of the cait sidhe. The exact number of lives they may have is hidden.

He also has a cat's sense of smell and hearing, as well as preternatural night vision; enhanced by both his feline and fae heritage.

Tybalt is from Seanan McGuire's awesome October Daye series. Go read His use here is entirely for fun within [community profile] milliways_bar. He does not belong to me in any way shape or form, thus no profit is expected or forthcoming.

The narrator behind the pup is [personal profile] bjornwilde, whom usually is online from 7am to 4pm Pacific Standard time in the US. Feel free to send him a private message or reply to this post if you have any questions, ideas, or concerns.

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