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The realm is safe and the call to war silenced, much to the disappointment of the Queen. Toby, yet again, has accomplished a miracle and not only found the kidnapped children of the Undersea, she also brokered a treaty of sorts that opened paths between the two kingdoms. All it cost her was her daughter to the mortal world and her love his life.

Tybalt had not liked Conner, which was not surprising; he had been his rival for Toby's affections after all. In addition, he was weak. Much like Paris, his was a lover's soul in a surfer's body. The man tended towards being carried by events rather than driving them. But in the end, he sacrificed everything to protect Toby's daughter and Tybalt simply could not ignore such nobility.

The cait sidhe mourned this night as they always did, by feasting. Several of his people had either died, or were in the sleep of elfshot. The battle with Rayseline's goblins had it's costs, but they had taken back the hand of King Gilad and with it Rayseline's promise to the goblins. A weighty price but not one paid in vain.

"We few, we happy few," Tybalt murmured to himself on his throne,"We band of brothers. For he today that sheds his blood with me shall be my brother; be he ne'er so vile, this day shall gentle his condition." Hollow words for the dead selkie but he had no others.

"What was that my liege?" Samson, Raj's father, called out from a nearby table. The man was a bother, ever eager to pounce on perceived slights or errors, but one Tybalt tolerated for his heir's sake.

"It was nothing, idle thoughts."

"Please, my liege," Samson returned, his tone just shy of mocking. "Share with us you idle thoughts. We have paid for your idle whims have we not? Have we not earned the right to hear them?"

"If you have something to say, I bid you speak plainly Samson." Tybalt replied, his eyes narrowing.

"Our people have died this night and I would know why!"

"Our people chose the path that lead to their fate. My whim, as you so caustically say it, was a request. I gave no order. If you feel I have erred, perhaps you wish to challenge me for this seat? I am certain our people would relish an evenings entertainment. No? Then I command you, Samson, to think carefully before ever you speak to me again. The alleyway to Fisherman's Wharf goes untended. I suggest you correct this oversight." THen, since Samson hadn't moved, he added tersely, "Leave my sight, least I have you removed."
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 I stood at October's side and seethed. That this mortal man would dare to stand between October and her daughter eroded any sense of kindness I might feel for him. Regardless of the fact that he was the father and her once love, he had no right to keep bar October's way. In fact, only October's need for support and the fact that this was her battle to be fought kept the man breathing easy.

Earlier in the day, when news of impending war had spread, I had instructed one of my best guardsmen to watch over October's daughter, to inform me of any goings-on, and now my foresight paid fruit. We not only had the missing children of the rulers of the Undersea realms missing, but my dear October's as well. An odd act for the times; truly, a rather odd and personal crime. Whomever was behind it could not have chosen better for wounding October.

I set my suspicions aside as October turned to leave, the exchange with the mortal concluded. As we left, I told her all I knew of the crime scene, what my people saw and scented, as well as who and what came and left the area. It was just as we were deciding on our next actions that the goblins attacked.
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"The Queen of the Mists calls to all within her realm and bids them hear these words," the herald calls out nervously in the hall I have allowed for such matters. "The Undersea is poised to attack our fair lands and all true Fae are bid arm themselves for the realm! Three days hence shall battle be engaged."

I stare at the daoine sidhe long enough that I can see sweat begin beneath his helm. Good. The Divided Courts forget all too easily that my Court is not part of their domain.

"Why three days? I would think with the Sea poised so that tradition would be set aside for the good of the realm."

"The Queen has allowed one Sir October Daye to attempt to forestall the perceived injustice the Undersea claims."

I do not realize I have shifted position and stance to one threatening until the herald takes a step backward. "You will tell me, now, what injustice this is and what Sir Daye intends to do about it," I command as my guards close on the man.
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 [OOC: All dialog and events herein come from the short story Rat-Catcher which is from the anthology A Fantasy Medley 2.]

June, 1666. London, England.

"I do love the way they stage the duels here," Rand commented to me as we perched up in the rafters of the theater the Duke Company used for their productions.

I sat cross-legged and scowled at him. "You've seen this show a dozen times!"

"Closer to a dozen dozens, more likely, and yet I never tire of it," he said, glancing away from the actors long enough to grin at me. "Can't you relax for one evening, and enjoy a little entertainment?"

"No, I can't, and neither should you," I replied, and folded my arms. "Father wants you."

"So he sent you to retrieve me?" Rand scoffed. "Did he consider, for a moment, that I might refuse to come?"

"He did, yes."


"And if I fail to retrieve you, I'm to be put to work minding the kittens for a week's time, to teach me obedience," I replied with a baleful scowl. "I won't mind kittens for you, Rand. You're coming with me, whether you like it or not."

"Am I, then?" Rand asked, raising an eyebrow. "Will you fight me in order to bring me home? Much as I love you, darling Jill, I doubt you'd come out the winner in that particular contest."

"I won't fight you."

"Then what?"

"I'll sit here and cry through your precious performance if you refuse to come. And tomorrow night, when my time in the nursery ends, I'll do the same. And the night after that, until such time as you apologize to me." I replied and smiled sweetly. "You can save us both a great deal of time and suffering if you simply come with me now."

Rand cast a longing look towards the actors. Mercutio was preparing to die, and in the process was layering curses down on both waring houses. "Are you sure father can't wait?"

"Come on!"
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[OOC: This takes place a few weeks before Rat-Catcher and is from before Tybalt was a king. He is Rand, a prince of cats, instead and the year is 1666.]

I shift to my human form once I am clear of the chimney that leads from the Court of Fogbound Cats and pause to drink in the sights of mortal London. The moon is near full and hangs warm and grand above the Tower of London. The smoke of cooking fires spice the air with temptation and the voices of the humans drift in its melodic cacophony. A wicked smile threatens my lips as I casually duck to avoid my sister, Coleen, and her clumsy attack.

"Tsk, tsk," I chide as she barely catches herself from falling off the roof. "It would not do to break your neck where the mortals might see."

Too late, I see her own wicked smile and realize she was a distraction, though a poorly executed one. I feel the weight on my other sister, Jill, land on my back, driving me face first to the clay tiles of the roof below. I twist at the last moment, spinning about so that she instead is the one to hit the roof and lose her breath.

"Nicely done," I admit, once she stops struggling. I offer my hand to assist her to her feet before adding, "But not quite good enough."

"Where do you think you go, brother?" Coleen asks behind me and I tense in case she wishes to test me again.

"To the theater, where else?"

"Father will be displeased if you are not in attendance when he wishes to find you."

"True, but you will know where to fetch me. The Duke Company is beginning a new production. I would not miss it."

"I will not change the bedclothes for you again brother. You must stay!" Jill near mews.

"The King will ignore me as ever, dear sisters. He thinks me a fool after all."

"You are a fool if you go!" Both my sisters reply.

"And fortune favors the fool, does she not?"
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Name he gives to mortal policeman: Rand Stratford.

Was in New York in 1812. Feel in love with a mortal woman named Annie O'Toole. She was impulsive and similar to October. She died in childbirth with their child.


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