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 I stood at October's side and seethed. That this mortal man would dare to stand between October and her daughter eroded any sense of kindness I might feel for him. Regardless of the fact that he was the father and her once love, he had no right to keep bar October's way. In fact, only October's need for support and the fact that this was her battle to be fought kept the man breathing easy.

Earlier in the day, when news of impending war had spread, I had instructed one of my best guardsmen to watch over October's daughter, to inform me of any goings-on, and now my foresight paid fruit. We not only had the missing children of the rulers of the Undersea realms missing, but my dear October's as well. An odd act for the times; truly, a rather odd and personal crime. Whomever was behind it could not have chosen better for wounding October.

I set my suspicions aside as October turned to leave, the exchange with the mortal concluded. As we left, I told her all I knew of the crime scene, what my people saw and scented, as well as who and what came and left the area. It was just as we were deciding on our next actions that the goblins attacked.


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