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The realm is safe and the call to war silenced, much to the disappointment of the Queen. Toby, yet again, has accomplished a miracle and not only found the kidnapped children of the Undersea, she also brokered a treaty of sorts that opened paths between the two kingdoms. All it cost her was her daughter to the mortal world and her love his life.

Tybalt had not liked Conner, which was not surprising; he had been his rival for Toby's affections after all. In addition, he was weak. Much like Paris, his was a lover's soul in a surfer's body. The man tended towards being carried by events rather than driving them. But in the end, he sacrificed everything to protect Toby's daughter and Tybalt simply could not ignore such nobility.

The cait sidhe mourned this night as they always did, by feasting. Several of his people had either died, or were in the sleep of elfshot. The battle with Rayseline's goblins had it's costs, but they had taken back the hand of King Gilad and with it Rayseline's promise to the goblins. A weighty price but not one paid in vain.

"We few, we happy few," Tybalt murmured to himself on his throne,"We band of brothers. For he today that sheds his blood with me shall be my brother; be he ne'er so vile, this day shall gentle his condition." Hollow words for the dead selkie but he had no others.

"What was that my liege?" Samson, Raj's father, called out from a nearby table. The man was a bother, ever eager to pounce on perceived slights or errors, but one Tybalt tolerated for his heir's sake.

"It was nothing, idle thoughts."

"Please, my liege," Samson returned, his tone just shy of mocking. "Share with us you idle thoughts. We have paid for your idle whims have we not? Have we not earned the right to hear them?"

"If you have something to say, I bid you speak plainly Samson." Tybalt replied, his eyes narrowing.

"Our people have died this night and I would know why!"

"Our people chose the path that lead to their fate. My whim, as you so caustically say it, was a request. I gave no order. If you feel I have erred, perhaps you wish to challenge me for this seat? I am certain our people would relish an evenings entertainment. No? Then I command you, Samson, to think carefully before ever you speak to me again. The alleyway to Fisherman's Wharf goes untended. I suggest you correct this oversight." THen, since Samson hadn't moved, he added tersely, "Leave my sight, least I have you removed."


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